Project Description
posted 18 11 2017 in Home Automation

IOCAREPLAY is a digital media streaming device that is capable of playing digital audio content from various sources. Streaming refers to the delivery method of the content rather than to the content itself. Based on the installation method, the IOCAREPLAY can play a wide variety of content for your listening pleasure.

The IOCAREPLAY has a separate streaming media player with stereo audio output. The IOCAREPLAY is also an AirPlay accessory that can stream audio content from AirPlay-enabled sources such as an Apple iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad that is running iOS 4.2 or greater. In addition, computers running iTunes® 10 or newer can stream content via AirPlay to the IOCAREPLAY. AirPlay will have priority and override any selected source of audio content currently playing on the streaming output.

The IOCAREPLAY can be connected to the Local Area Network in a home via a hardwired Ethernet connection or through local WiFi for access to digital audio content. Additionally, if connected to the internet, the IOCAREPLAY can stream content from multiple services, including Spotify®, Web Radio etc.



  • Apple AirPlay enabled for streaming of audio content
  • Streams content from internet radio stations and music service providers
  • Provides access and playback of digital audio files on LAN-connected DLNA / UPnP media servers
  • Playback of audio content from USB storage devices using a FAT16 or FAT32 file system
  • Supports Hi-Res Audio (24-bit/192kHz)

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